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Experienced programmer is accepting jobs for writing systems/ effects /shaders for your game. Or helping with some stuff. I got over 15 years of programming experience (with GM most of that time), and do a pretty good job in general.

Examples of stuff I made: - Animation system based on MUGEN, but with extra features and a separate editor tool that works directly with GMS/GMS2 project files. - High performance palette swap shader that is about as fast as normal drawing. - System to find uniformly random point within sprite - System to load rooms additively - A lot of different tricky state machine system, including ones for characters, ones for dialogues, etc. - Custom grid-based platforming system that used math instead of pixel collisions - One tricky lightning system with stuff like bloom, self-illuminations, PBR-like maps, occluders, dynamic shadows.

In screenshot below there are some stuff I made for myself before.

I don't accept jobs for making a whole game though since I have my own work. Feel free to write if you got any questions.

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Adam P 15 May 2021

Fast and Professional

Highly experienced, very responsive and surprisingly quick. He had my basic game mechanics and state machine up and running within two days. Supports his work and always quick to answer questions.

Recommended and would contract again in future.

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