I'm a gameplay programmer with 6+ years by now, Computer Science Background as well.

Have work for several projects with 2 awarded indie games on steam, including console exporting experience! My passion is to put in collaborative work, my tech and design skills to give my best for the projects I work on be successful.

I've got a history with 2D games, specially within hack and slash / action genre. Best known game I've work on, is Dungeons Souls , a procedurally generated rogue like!

My Core strength is to be fast at prototyping. There's a need to see where we are going by building and iterating over our project as fast as possible!


+AI (steering behaviors, machine learning if needed) +Will keep code elegant as best as I can +User interface HUD/menus production +Procedural Generation +C++/C#/Phyton/Lua Experience +Strong Project and Game Design Documentation +Experience with several Gameplay systems +2D Shaders/Graphic fx

Prices: I charge per milestones. Most of the times I'll be able to ship a prototype within 20-35hrs

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