GameMaker (2.0 - 2.2.x)

Dynamic Engine for Weaponry


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UPDATE! V2 Released! The engine and its implementation are simplified and optimized Created for Game Maker: Studio 2

NOTE: If you were using the 1.x version in your project, I don't recommend updating to v2 as there are many structural differences

IMPORTANT: I suggest using this engine with a CLEAN project and adding your content to that maintaining the structure. The engine can be added to your project, but this is more difficult

Whether you're making a platformer, or a top-down action-RPG, chances are you want to have a lot of weapons and tools in your game, and you want to have them FAST!

This engine comes with tons of ready-made weapons, and an editor to make your own in a jiffy. All weapons use the same parameters and have the same states, which greatly simplifies implementation.

To make a totally new weapon you boot up the editor, change the parameters until you are satisfied with the result, then copy the Create code to GM. That's it! It takes a minute!

The editor can be used while playing your game, no need to recompile every time! Load up your level, tweak the weapon parameters as you see fit, then copy them back to the editor.

Make sure you read the README file to set up the engine with your own project!

Try it now! Get the trial here link


  • States manager for player, weapons and ammo
  • Dozens of ready-made weapons and ammo
  • LIVE editor
  • Basic camera
  • Basic movement/collision
  • Placeholder AI with health and weapons
  • Inventory system
  • VFX, screenshake, motion blur

CHANGELOG V1.0.1: - Fixed laser ammo and minor problems on directional weapons. Updated files: obj_ammo_laser, obj_ammo, run_weapon_state

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 2.0.1. Published March 11, 2019

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