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Hello, I'm Rui, I've been programming in GML for around 6 years. You can hire me to do any kind of projects/help with small things or if you need a someone to help you to learn how to code.

This is the link to my portfolio, where you can check some of the stuff I've done: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/morseton-programmer-available.185/

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Marcos M 13 January 2019

Incredible fast answer

After bashing my head against the keyboard for a couple of hours, he fixed my issue in less than 2 hours since we started conversation, incredible fast answer. Extremely professional way to handle his work and more than a fair price. It wasn't an easy job as he must have to understand a complex system of data structures I have built in my system. 10/10


Benjadetto P 08 June 2017

Fast Pace & Great Programmer

The best programmer that I have worked with so far, gets everything done at a fast pace and at a fair price!


Daniel N 16 October 2016

Excellent Work & Service

Turned my vague ideas and descriptions into reality, all at a blazing fast speed and competitive price. Whatever work you send their way will get the attention you'd expect, and more... Top notch coder worth your business!

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