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Specializing in implementing 3rd party SDKs and libraries for your Android game. Current implementations (available on the Marketplace) include Firebase, Card Scanner, Barcode Scanner.

10+ Years of Gamemaker experience plus extensive Java knowledge.

For enquiries and implementation quotes, please contact me with a link to the third party library. If you only want a certain part/s of the SDK implemented please also let me know.

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Anon 12 April 2020

Conversion of Unity scene to GMS2

Taylor was able to quickly convert a demo scene that I created in Unity to Game Maker Studio 2. The scene connects to a web server using post messages. I just found him here on the marketplace and e-mailed him. Within a few minutes I had an e-mail from him and took a risk and sent him half down on his committed budget. By the next day he had sent me a working demo. A day later and it was mostly finished. There were a couple of issues that may have been poor communications on my part, but the brunt of the work was done and I was able to easily fix what Taylor missed. Hands down this he saved me at least 20-30 hours of learning GMS2 and I'm quite happy with the results.

Jacob Christ


Ali K 23 March 2019

Highly recommended

from better developers in game maker


Dustin C 13 March 2018

Taylor's a rock star!

I can't recommend Taylor enough. He seems to know GMS inside and out, and he was able to help us create a custom plugin under extremely difficult circumstances. He went above and beyond the call of duty, and saved us from having to replace an entire network of bluetooth beacons when our previous beacon hardware manufacturer suddenly shuttered its business.

And with the plugin he created for us, the plugin is brand-agnostic, so we can replace or add any brand of low-energy Eddystone bluetooth beacons. Our lead programmer plugged it in and it worked exactly how we needed. (He was grinning like it was Christmas Morning!) After the initial a-ha moment of finding a better SDK than the manufacturer provided, he turned the plugin around surprisingly quick.

Thumbs way up!


Simon L 18 August 2017

Very pleased

Very helpful developer who delivered what i needed fast! He also provided support after the work was done.
Strongly recommend!


Jacob M 15 May 2017

Highly recommended!

I can stress this enough but I highly recommend Taylor.

- He was fast to reply
- Easy to communicate with
- Understanding of my situation regarding payment time
- Professional and quick to work
- Completed it well within the timeframe he estimated

We thought what I needed to get him to do would be impossible but he persisted and made it a reality.

I've handled with many freelancers before and NONE have been as good as Taylor, can honestly say I am very happy with what I got.

Look forward to hiring him again 10/10.


Dmitry G 30 April 2017

Fast and cool!


Justin L 28 April 2017

Attentive and through in detail to his work

Mr Dale was able to take the request i made and not only meet the minimum requirements needed but also fully implement the entire system that was built around it.

Excellent work, very timely in completion, all said a very good experience.

Thank you.


Anon 28 April 2017

quick turnaround

exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

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