Runner Shooter Game Full Code


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Save Money! get Unity Ad Extension(android version) + Full Game Code and much more!

Source code from Viking Monster Hunter Game, released for Android with 25000 downloads on Opera Mobile Store.

Try the game before buy this asset: http://android.oms.apps.opera.com/pt_br/viking_monster_hunter.html?dm=1&multi=1

  The Unity extensions, Adbuddiz, Appbrain, etc.. are located in Included Files Directory just import it to your project before start.

Made using GML

All clean and commented!



  • Unity Ad NetWork Extension Implemented

  • Adbuddiz implemented

  • Google Interstitial Implemented

  • AppBrain to Analytics Implemented

  • More Game code

  • Rating code

  • Splash Screen

  • Google Play Achievements code

  • And Much more!


Good for

  • Learn more GML

  • Learn Monetize Technics

  • Learn How to use Achievements

  • Publish a ready game(just change the art assets)


The Extensions only work in ANDROID and the coded was only tested in ANDROID and WINDOWS

The extension is located in Included Files Directory just import it to your project.



If you want use the art(image sprites) from this game you need buy them separately here: http://graphicriver.net/item/game-assets-viking/8499248

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.5. Published September 2, 2015

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