UPDATE: We're currently building a sound effects library for everyone to use! This will include voices including young female, adult female, and adult male. It shall also include many general sounds. We're aiming for at least 100 top quality sounds!

ByteTricks is mobile game developer. We would like to share some of our assets with the community that gave us our start! At the moment, we have a script we'd like to share with everyone that makes detecting muti-touch a snap! The script can be used as an alternative to the mouse left pressed event that's tailored for mobile platforms! It still allows drag and drop code to be utilized for beginners, and eliminates a lot of the work for experts, as well as being simple and easy to edit to suit individual needs! Soon, we'd also like to provide quality audio and graphical assets as well! We have a professional artist on staff that makes beautiful animated hand drawn assets, as well as many resources for creating sound effect packs!

Assets by this Publisher