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A product of ByteBrew’s all-in-one platform, the ByteBrew SDK gives you instant integration to the following key features and tools for your games on the ByteBrew Dashboard:

Real-Time Analytics:

Engagement Analytics: Automatically start tracking your game’s key performance indicators such as new user events, DAU, session length, playtime, and retention reporting Custom Filtering: Breakdown and segment your players using custom filters such as; device type, geography, build version, and date ranges Player Progression:

Game level statistics tracking to breakdown level wins, fails, scores and more. Progression funneling system: Monitor your user's progression and set up custom event funnels to visually track how your player's progression through your games. -Locate key churn points in your games by tracking how long players take to advance through events. Monetization:

Start tracking your game’s in-app purchases with real value using our Receipt Validation tool to turn your game into a business. Track and visualize your game's in-game advertising revenue from any ad networks you monetize. Attribution:

ByteBrew attribution is integrated with the top mobile ad networks for basic attribution and SKAdnetwork with more added each week. Track every impression, click, and install across all your running advertising campaigns down to creative level detail. Remote Configs:

Make in-game edits to your game remotely without having to upload a new build to the app stores using the following types of configurations. Single Remote Configs: Gives you the ability to change individual custom values in-game such as: boss enemy health, player statistics, or level difficulty Grouped Configs: This advanced feature gives you the ability to change multiple in-game values on an interval period. This can be used for making a rotating shop item, or a daily reward special for your game A/B Testing:

This feature gives you the ability to change multiple in-game values by which test a user is attached to. This can be used to track multiple KPIs that can effect their performance based on the config set for each user.

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GMS2.3 - Version 0.1.4. Published June 28, 2023

Update to iOS & Android libraries

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