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Paths in 3D


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A 3D path resource. Aims to be as similar to the built-in path resource as possible, except in 3D.

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//Create a new 3D path like this:

path = new path3D();

//Add points to the path like this:

path.addPoint(x, y, z);

//Read from the path like this:

var pos = path.getPos(pathPos); //where pathPos should be between 0 (start of the path) and 1 (end of the path)

x = pos.x;

y = pos.y;

z = pos.z;

//You can also give the path points custom properties like this:

var point = path.addPoint(x, y, z);

point.speed = 100;

//And interpolate between the custom properties like this:

var pos = path.getPos(pathPos);

var pathSpeed = pos.A.speed * pos.Aw + pos.B.speed * pos.Bw + pos.C.speed * pos.Cw;

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.1. Published September 4, 2021

Added functions for analyzing the path at a given position. You can now get a path position the same way you did before: var pos = path.getPos(pathPos); But now you can get stuff like velocity (first derivative), acceleration (second derivative) and curvature by analyzing the returned position: var velocity = pos.getVelocity(); var acceleration = pos.getAcceleration(); var curvature = pos.getCurvature(); var curveRadius = pos.getCurveRadius();

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