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Large Numbers

Delio Orlanda

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A Simple Scripts that allows you to store huge Positive (non-negative) numbers accurately in any base. Gamemaker's inbuilt numbers will only extend to a certain amount, with this library you can add and deduct positive numbers.

Can Add and Deduct numbers.

Can store from 0 to 999T (trillion) even can store from 1aa up to 999zz notation..

Can be used in Cookie clicker style games for example.


// the valid notation is K, M, B, T, aa, ab, ac .. zz 
global.tempMoney = Number_Convert_StringToArray("43ac");

var validnumber = "143"
var validnotation = "K" // K, M, B, T must be capitalize

// and the  aa, ab, ac .. zz   are all small 
global.tempMoney = Number_Convert_StringToArray(validnumber + validnotation);

// or initialize by Array[0] = 300;[1] = 12;[4] = 89; 
// is now 89,000,000,012,300 total

//    Adding Numbers String to String (eg. "123.45B", "100aa") = Number_Add_StringToString("2M","100K");

//    Adding Numbers from String (eg. "123B", "100aa") = Number_Add_ArrayToString(,"10.1B");

//    Adding Numbered Array to Array = Number_Add_ArrayToArray(,global.tempMoney);

//    Deducting Numbers from String (eg. "123B", "100aa") = Number_Deduct_ArrayToString(,"1.75K");

//   Deducting Numbered Array to Array = Number_Deduct_ArrayToArray(,global.tempMoney);

//    Subracting Numbers String to String (eg. "123B", "100aa") = Number_Deduct_StringToString("200ba","345aa");

Note: -And dont use comma ","

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.9. Published April 28, 2021

  • All Command are now starting with "Number_"
  • Fix Number convert to 0
  • Fix numbering with Decimals
  • Fix trimming number array
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