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Dialogue Engine System

GhostWolf Games

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The easiest way to spawn dialogues (boxes or bubbles) or sequence of dialogues!



  • Very easy to use

  • Have lots of features (see examples below)

  • The boxes auto-resize based on the screen size


Examples (the first number always refer to the "node", and it must be different on each dialogue, in this way you can always refer/spawn that part of dialogue):


To create a portrait:

  • deg_set_portrait("Character1", spr_portrait_Character1)


To create a dialogue:

  • deg_create_dialogue(2, pointer_null, true, "Wow, you choose the 1st reply", "Character1", undefined)


To create a dialogue with voices:

  • var choices = deg_create_choices(2, "Hello!", 3, "Conditional Branch", 6, "Random Branch", 10, "Set var")


  • deg_create_dialogue(1, pointer_null, true, "This is an example text", "Player", choices)


To create a var and a conditional branch to check that var:

  • deg_create_var("var_string", true)

  • deg_create_conditional_branch(3, "var_string == var_string", 4, 5)


To create a random branch:

  • deg_create_random_branch(6, 7, 8, 9, pointer_null)


To set, add o subtract from a var during the dialogue:

  • deg_create_variable_setter(10, 9, "var_string", "SET", 78)


To create a chance branch (in example 20% to choose the first branch, 80% second branch):

  • deg_create_chance_branch(11, 7, 8, 20, 80)


To create a repetition (of a part of dialogue):

  • deg_create_repetition(12, 13, 14, 3)

  • deg_create_dialogue(13, 12, true, "Repeat", "Character1", undefined)


To create a timer:

  • deg_create_timer(16, 17, 3)


To execute a script during the dialogue:

  • deg_create_script_execution(18, 19, "scr_example_script")

(you can find an example of use in the green object on the map)

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 2.0.0. Published July 14, 2021

Big update, redeveloped from scratch!

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