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InputCandy makes it easier to use input in GameMaker and does all of the "settings" and "selection" for you, so you can easily import these features into other projects. It was first written by for use with their games.

It's important to note that this is for detecting momentary actions, not for detecting textual input ("typing"). It treats mice, keyboard and gamepad input as "button states"

InputCandy has two modes:

  • Simple mode: an NES-style approach, which works on a variety of devices and requires no set up but has a limited number of inputs, and works with certain assumptions
  • Advanced, verbose player-configured mode which allows for a lot of freedom but requires setup by the player

To access Simple mode, see the script InputCandySimple included in the package. It's one function, so you don't have to import all the other stuff. It is demonstrated in rm_InputCandySimple_demo and o_InputCandySimple_demo

This asset is currently a "Work in Progress" (WIP) and is being developed at its bleeding edge here, where you can download it as a GameMaker project:

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.3. Published June 8, 2022

0.9.93 June Bug

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