RTS Good Engine

Master Rini

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Is a RTS Engine Game:

  • You can build several different types of building.
  • You can make several different types of workers and fighters.
  • You can collect honey from various types of plants.
  • You can open the map and explore.
  • Do you have a description of the units and buildings.
  • You have three types of ores and maximum population.
  • You can select several units at once.
  • You can select buildings.

ADD Constants to run (Shift + Ctrl + D):

StandGround=2 Agressive=1 Defensive=0 AstarIterations=40 Survival=0 Hard=3 Medium=2 Easy=1 Exit=2 Execute=1 Enter=0 ai_state_defensive=104 ai_state_offensive=103 ai_state_explore=102 ai_state_idle=101 ai_state_begin=100 building_state_temple=53 building_state_built=52 building_state_construct=51 building_state_place=50 state_dead=14 state_attack=13 state_pursuit=12 state_eat=11 state_stray=10 state_grown=9 state_growing=8 state_placed=7 state_place=6 state_deliver=5 state_gather=4 state_goto_gather=3 state_follow=2 state_goto=1 state_idle=0 HUD_progress_x=500 HUD_height=100 HUD_train_x=236 HUD_train_y=3202 HUD_info_x=170 HUD_info_y=3210 spr_Stand=0 spr_Walk=8 spr_Action=72 spr_Dead=88

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 2.0.0. Published February 19, 2015

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