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In-Game Log Console

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GameMaker 2022+ Only. Previous GMS versions no longer supported. For any issues, questions, or suggestions please use the Contact Publisher link above.

This resource provides a one script, one object method for adding a customisable in-game log console to your projects.

Usage (minimum needed):

iglc_init();//change all the settings for the log console in this function

iglc_write(type,string1,[string2,...,stringN]);//use -1 for type if not writing log types, string1 to stringN can be any data type and will be converted to a string




  • Set the size, position, colours, alpha, and font of the log console.
  • Write the date in your preferred format to the log console, or not at all (e.g. 24/11/2020, 24-November-2020, Nov 24 2020...).
  • Write the time in your preferred format to the log console, or not at all (e.g. 2:25:20PM, 14:25:20, 14-25-20...).
  • Write the object that wrote the log to the log console, or not at all (e.g. @obj_player).
  • Write the event the log was written from, or not at all (e.g. :Create).
  • Write the type of log (customisable) to be written to the log console, colour-coded as you choose, or not at all (e.g. [INFO], [SUCCESS], [FAIL]).
  • Write the single or multi-line log to the log console and optionally to the GMS Output Window.
  • Save the log console to a text file including a count of log types (if writing log types).

Feel free to email with any issues, questions, or suggestions.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 1.0.0. Published November 26, 2020

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