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*IMPORTS INTO GMS 2.3 no problem (as they are just sprite files) *

GRAVEYARD BLAST is a 2D sprite pack containing tons of lovingly crafted assets for use in your game, exported in 4k and animated frame-by-frame. It features enemies, a fully versatile player character and a bunch of environmental props to allow you to build fully customisable and destructable terrain! Below is an extensive list of features included in the pack:


* Night Watchman player character (idle, dig, dig fail, dig item find, player evade backwards, player evade forwards, melee 1, melee 2, melee 3 (all flow seamlessly into a complete combo), run backwards, run forwards
* Baton Melee Weapon, bullet graphic and impact animation.
* Pistol, Rifle, Uzi, Shotgun: All weapons have 6 skins (Stock, Arctic Camo, Chrome, Desert Camo, Gold Plate, Jungle Camo)


* Demon Knight (idle, walk, attack anticipation, attack + giblet particles)
* Vampy (idle, run, dash initiation, dash loop, attack combo1, attack combo2, bit attack initiation, bite attack loop (2 versions with and without player) + giblet particles)
* Vudu (idle, run, attack melee, ranged attack initiation, ranged attack, (and orb projectile), shock attack initiation, shock attack loop & revert to idle)
* Zomby (spawn, idle, walk, attack + giblet particles)
* Frame by Frame goo explosion animation (red and green variants)


* 6 gravestone types, each with 5 - 7 frames of condition to allow for gradual destruction and 3 types of particles associated to them (themselves with 5 - 6 variants to allow for randomization and variety)
* Additional terrain such as mushrooms that contain a squashed state when stepped on, seamless pathway tiles, statues, destructible bushes with leaf particles, mud piles with mud particles, a frame-by-frame fly animation to add motion and grit to the environment, a hanging tree with separate noose (for coded animation), bone piles with bone particles, a crate with multiple levels of destruction and an alert animation, treasure plots, seamless base grass tile, an underground ladder, fences, a main gate and perimeter bushes (with grass particles)
* 3 mausoleum buildings (type 1 has a thin / wide variant), a shed (for your imaginary cemetary keeper!), a crumbling wall and a large poppy plot with decorative wall
* 3 different sarcophagi with particles to use on impact


* Decorative loading progress bar with detachable background plate

Here are a few key features of the pack itself

* Shadows have been separated to allow for Nuclear Throne style viewpoint or a side-on platformer perspective
* All assets have been exported in ultra high resolution to allow for 4k development
* I have included a handy little usage guide in the form of a .pdf to help get you going if you're new to using sprites and assets
* All assets inside the GMS2 file have been organized meticulously (and alphabetically!). I have also set the playback speed of all animations to how they were intended when I animated them, so unless you want to change them that has already been done for you. In the Usage Guide.pdf I also detail how to size the 4K sprites correctly and easily :)

If you have any questions please contact me at Chaz [at] MadeByChaz [dot] com or message me through Discord: a link to my server is on my website here!

These assets may be used to for use in your game, including commercial sale, but must NOT be repackaged, resold, or redistributed. Please get in touch with me if you make something as I would love to see it!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 3, 2020

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