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DataBridge - SQL in GMS

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Connect and execute SQL queries in SQLite, MSSQL or Postgresql.

DataBridge consists of three processes: 1.Game Maker Studio 2.ShellExecute extension (provided) 3.DataBridge (external background application) In essence, Game Maker will execute an external application (“DataBridge” - written in .NET Core) and connect to it via a TCP connection. The DataBridge will act as the “middle main” by executing the SQL queries sent from the TCP connection.

Connect & execute queries: scr_databridge_init("Type=SQLITE;Data Source=mydb.db;"); var query_id = scr_databridge_query_execute("table_exists", "SELECT * FROM User LIMIT 1", scr_databridge_example_handle_sqlite);

Read results: var compiled_results = scr_databridge_results_compile(res); var username = scr_databridge_results_find_value(compiled_results, 0, "Username");

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.1. Published August 17, 2020

Initial release

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