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Rhythm Game Template - GMS 2.3

Eduardo Machado

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This template requires GMS 2.3 to work properly. This template does not work with HTML5

I've added a tutorial on Youtube, showing you how to properly load you song files: link

Have you ever wondered how those rhythm-based games work and dreamed of creating one yourself? You can now create your own game of this genre, almost efortlessly, by using this template.


  • Both internal audio resource and external .ogg files supported
  • Custom "recording room", for mapping your own inputs, to your own songs
  • Gameplay room, with 3d camera projection for the arrows
  • Custom file save/load systems, with buffers
  • Automatic song-score calculation
  • Song distortion when the player score gets too low
  • Song skipping, after the last note has been pressed

**Due to GMS limitations, only *.ogg files are supported as external files

You can find an extensive guide on how this asset works on the .pdf file included (at the Included Files section).

As a bonus for purchasing this template, you get non-exclusive rights to use the “Epic Song” track on any of your projects, royalty free. These are the limitations to this license:

  1. You cannot resell or redistribute the sound file as an asset or within a pack of assets.
  2. You cannot claim that you did it yourself.

"Epic Song" is the track used for demonstration purposes on the overview video

At least an intermediate knowledge on GameMaker is recommended before purchasing this template.

CHANGE LOG 0.0.1 - Fixed a bug in mac-os: not properly showing the song files

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 0.0.2. Published March 24, 2023


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