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AESnips - Animation System

William Jones

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AESnips is a collection of functions that allow objects to effortlessly handle sprite animation playback

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Create Snips with sprites and simply tell an object to play the Snip animation. No more worrying about sprite_index, image_index or writing complex code in the Animation End Event

--Snips are dynamic--

Each sprite frame in a Snip animation can have its own speed which means split second delays can be added into animations without copy/pasting sprite frames or writing extra code. Loops can be added to Snip so that certain frames can be repeated without copy/pasting individual sprite frames. Snip properties, frame speeds, and Loop repetition can be changed in-game, which means your animations can dynamically react to events in the game. Play Snips forward or backward

--Snips are powerful--

Transitions between Snips make animations much more fluid. Any time you play a Snip you have the option to have the system try to find a Transition to bridge the gap between the Snip that is currently playing and the Snip you want to play. The system can also allows Snips to behave in different ways when it plays its final frame. It can repeat, it can freeze until you play a new Snip, or it can automatically play its “successor” Snip. You can assign a function to be executed for each frame in a Snip, and a function to execute when a Snip finishes playing.

--Snips are easy--

Add one line to the animated objects’ Create Events, Step Events, and Animation End Events and that objects are ready to play Snip animations. Create Snips with one line of code, play Snips with one line of code. Transitions and Loops can also be created with a single line of code and then you can completely forget about writing any more logic to handle them. If you want more control over the Snips there are a lot of helpful “arbiter” functions that give you control without requiring you to memorize all the variable names. Check the demo source code and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how simple the objects' code is.

--Snips are growing--

AESnips is still a growing project and I would love to be able to add more features to fit the needs of GameMaker developers. If you’re making a game that relies heavily on sprite animations I would love to hear from you on what you want from a system like this. And if you use the system I would love to get your honest feedback.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2.3 - Version 0.1.4. Published February 15, 2021

Added SnipPlayer and other small features/fixes. See "ChangeLog" note for full details

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