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Tired of using show_debug_message() and frantically scrolling through your output pane to piece together what happened? Wish you could easily filter and search through those log messages by component, severity, or keywords?

This asset doesn't let you do any of those things.

But what it can do is ship your logs off to an external program that can! GMLogger is a replacement for show_debug_message() designed to ship logs off to an external tool where they can be viewed, filtered, and handled much more conveniently than in GM's output pane. I recommend Logbert as the external tool, as shown in screenshots.

Usage Instructions

  1. Install Logbert
  2. Run Logbert, and create a new Log4Net UDP Receiver or NLog UDP Receiver. In the Network Interface, select "Loopback Pseudo-Interface" and leave the port at the default 7071.
  3. Install this asset in your project
  4. Whenever you want to log something, use the logger() function to do it! (See included demo object for usage details)
  5. When you run your game, the logger() function will fire the log over to Logbert where the logs can be viewed

Don't forget to disable the logging function before releasing the game (can be done by setting logger_level() to NONE), otherwise players can also run a log viewer and snoop on the messages of the game while it runs...or maybe that would be desirable?

Note: GMLogger uses UDP, so does not work in HTML5. You can also update the IP address the logs get sent to should you wish to run a networked logger, which might be useful in the case of running a logger on your PC, and running the game on a console or mobile device.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.2.0. Published January 1, 2020

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