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Earthbound Backgrounds

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This is a free asset to create backgrounds similar to those seen in earthbound.

There's a short manual and every script is documented. And three included demos should help you get started.


  • Create a background sprite. It has to be square, on a seperate texture page and its origin should usually be centered.
  • If you want to use colour ramps to colourize, then also create a colour-ramp sprite. It has to be square and on a separate texture page, but can be rather small. Usually 8x8 pixels is great already. Draw a gradient on at least one row of pixels. Each row can be a separate colour-ramp.
  • Create a controller object.
  • In its create event, call scr_earthbound_create(). This will create an instance of obj_earthbound_backgrounds and return its ID. Store this ID in a variable so you can destroy the background objects later.
  • Also in create event you can set, what sprite to use and how to draw it by calling these scripts:
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_position()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_image()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_gpu()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_scale()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_movement()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_col_ramp() Check each script for more details.
  • Still in create event you ccan also set the destortion effects by calling these scripts:
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_wave_x()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_wave_y()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_stretch_x()
    • scr_earthbound_bg_set_stretch_y() Check each script for more details.
  • Also call scr_earthbound_bg_set_view_size() whenever the size of the target you're drawing upon changes. i.e. when the application surface changes.
  • If you want more layers on your background, you can do that from the same controller object. Just call scr_earthbound_create() and all the other scripts you need to change the background for each layer.
  • Whenever you don't need the backgrounds anymore, destroy all background instances created with scr_earthbound_create() and then destroy the controller instance.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.1. Published December 20, 2019

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