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This was the first and original WebView extension for Android!

This extension allows you to embed a real webview object directly onto the game/app screen on your Android apps made using Game Maker Studio!

You may also know this as a Web Browser object, Browser control or TinyWeb.

Alot of time has gone into making this extension and it has been tested on a few Android devices. The price reflects this and the fact that it is very versatile and has lots of uses. You can see how it works on your device by downloading the demo apk. But note ive used combination of room_width and display width to set the position and size, if you have a better knowledge of screen widths you will be able to do a better job.

You will find many uses of GMSWebView extension several useful usages are shown in the demo app, for example show a YouTube video or embed a HTML5 game or widget!

You will find many features included: WebView_Init() WebView_Create() WebView_Destroy() WebView_Goto() WebView_GetTitle() WebView_Move() WebView_Resize() WebView_Reload() WebView_Navigate() //try "home" or "back" or "forward" WebView_GetURL() WebView_Hide() WebView_IsVisible() WebView_IsLoaded() WebView_SetHTML() WebView_GetWidth() WebView_GetHeight() WebView_SetScrolling() WebView_SetScrollBars() WebView_SetHome() WebView_GetHome() WebView_IsCreated() WebView_GetX() WebView_GetY() WebView_Zoom() WebView_ZoomIn() WebView_ZoomOut() WebView_SetInitialScale() WebView_SetCookies() WebView_SetCache() New* WebView_SetDomStorage(true) - This may help with some sites that dont load and show as blank New* WebView_SetJavaScript(true) - Optional if needed

If you need other functions please ask, but no guarantee given that we will add it. We will fix up any bugs we can for free and make available as new updates.

Download the demo Android apk file from here:

For upto date information and news bookmark:

Note: This is a new version compatible with GMS 2.0+

To make use of this extension requires to have knowledge of Game Maker Studio 2.

Even using the fullscreen webview requires you to manually set the position and size.

There are GMS functions and examples to help you do this but it is something you have to do. If you get stuck please use the forum for help first:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 12+


GMS2 - Version 6.2.0. Published January 18, 2022

GMS2.3 - Version 8.2.0. Published December 24, 2022

Added support for tel:, geo: and mailto: URL schemes

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