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Get String Custom

Bragi Estúdios

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With this extension it is possible to request a String, customizing the pop-up view that will open requesting, and the keyboard that the phone will make available for input. It is therefore an improved version of get_string_async();

  • Customize the input text for Android!
  • It's perfect for making registration requests from your players.
  • Request login and password more elegantly.
  • Get a String with the Android Keyboard.
  • Set the type of keyboard you want (numeric, for email, for password, uppercase, etc.)

Download the sample APK: Download

Check out the operating guide: Here

// - Function Syntax - //

GetStringAndroid_ext(   String                  title,
                        String                  message,
                        String                  txtConfirmation,
                        String                  txtCancel,
                        int   themeResId        theme,
                        String                  inputdefault,
                        String colorString      inputTextColor,
                        String colorString      inputBackgroundColor,
                        boolean                 inputSelectAllOnFocus,
                        String                  inputHint,
                        String colorString      inputHintTextColor,
                        String colorString      inputHighlightColor,
                        int gravity             inputGravity,
                        boolean                 inputCursorVisible,
                        boolean                 inputHorizontallyScrolling,
                        int                     inputLeftPadding,
                        int                     inputTopPadding,
                        int                     inputRightPadding,
                        int                     inputBottomPadding,
                        int                     inputTextSize,
                        boolean                 inputPassword,
                        int   type              keyboardType,
                        String                  idString);

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published October 27, 2019

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