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Get Shader Constants

Bart Teunis

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A simple script that uses a shader to get the built-in GLSL ES shader constants:

  • gl_MaxCombinedTextureImageUnits
  • gl_MaxDrawBuffers - Maximum number of render targets
  • gl_MaxFragmentUniformVectors
  • gl_MaxTextureImageUnits - Maximum number of samplers that you can access in the fragment shader
  • gl_MaxVaryingVectors
  • gl_MaxVertexAttribs
  • gl_MaxVertexTextureImageUnits
  • gl_MaxVertexUniformVectors
  • _VERSION_ - OpenGL version, returns 100

For a complete overview, see the section 7.4 Built-in Constants in The OpenGL ES Shading Language.

The value of _VERSION_ is included out of convenience.

Using the script

Import all files into your project and execute the script once at the start of the game:

map_constants = shu_get_shader_constants();

map_constants now holds a reference to a ds_map with the above values in it.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published October 20, 2019

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