GameMaker (2.3)

Platforming Engine

Rob van Saaze

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This platforming engine should be everything you need to create your very own platforming game! This engine has an extensive amount of features and will be updated accordingly when/if there is a majority request. This engine uses clean and commented code, allowing you to easily understand and modify it. This engine is currently compatible with Game Maker Studio 2 only.<br/>



Pixel-perfect collisions & movement

Variable jump height based on player input

Sprite squishing, stretching and skewing

Double (or triple, quadruple etc.) jumping

Jump input buffering

Ledge forgiveness

Jump-through platforms

Moving platforms (vertical, horizontal and diagonal)

Platforms with characteristics (ice, slime, bouncy etc.)

Wall sliding

Wall jumping

Ledge grabbing

Conveyor belts


Climbable surfaces





Interactive foliage

Very efficient frag objects that interact with terrain

Very fast and efficient collision detection

Optional un-stucking

Comprehensive debug mode

Well commented, organized code


Basic AI


Better handling of slopes

Blocks that fall down after you stand on them


Several camera modes (follow, predict, etc.)

Animation state variable to easily get player animation state

Minor fixes and improvements

Improved comments


Added throwable crates (you can also stand on them!)

Added text beacons

Fixed a rare bug to do with jumpthrough platforms

Performance improvement

Updated demo!


Fixes to ensure compatibility with GameMaker Studio 2.3+



This product is licensed under the following terms:

You are allowed to adapt this work for personal or commercial purposes.

You are NOT allowed to redistribute this work or parts of it (adapted or left in its original state) as an open source product.

You ARE allowed to redistribute this work or parts of it (adapted or left in its original state) if you ENSURE that your product is closed source and can NOT be reverse engineered.

You MUST give credit if you use and redistribute this work. The following must be present within your product in an unobscured way (beit credits, title screen or other): "Rob van Saaze", "" and "@robvansaaze". These are my name, website url and twitter handle respectively. Credit me for either "base platforming engine", "additional programming" or something similar.

I can NOT be held liable for the consequences of using this work.

I do NOT offer warranty for this product.

Note: Markdown isn't working so the feature list is a garbled mess. Great.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.3.0. Published October 31, 2019

GMS2.3 - Version 1.5.1. Published September 3, 2020

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