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Photoshop Export and Import

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Turn a Photoshop file into a Game Maker game! Shortcut your game jams, UI designs (and re-designs), your DLC or additional game content, or anything driven by 2D art.

This resource is designed to work with Photoshop's Image Assets feature. If you're new to it, you basically just name any layer, Smart Object, or layer group with a filename extension. Then you go to File > Generate > Image Assets, and Photoshop automatically exports everything as image files.

The trick is getting those images into your game, with their relative positions and other category data. That's what this resource is for.

This resource is a Photoshop Javascript ExtendScript and a set of GMS Scripts and a set of sample objects and files for a sample project.

Assuming you have a Photoshop file, with Layers/Groups assigned to filenames (an example is provided):

  • Locate the jsx file (in the included files) and run this script from your Photoshop file
  • Use the Game Maker scripts to load the JSON data
  • Use the Game Maker scripts to add sprites
  • Use the Game Maker scripts to create objects from the data and to assign sprites

You can include your Image Assets (from Photoshop) as sprites, or as included files, or as an included Zip package, or you can even host the content on the web and have your game retrieve the data. Same with the associated JSON file!

Additional Features

  • Color Labels in Photoshop can be mapped to object IDs in GMS; check out the example to see how color-coded layers automatically become objects
  • Linked layers in Photoshop can be mapped to object state information; check out the example to see how linked layers become hover and clicked states

With a bit of planning and some object parenting, you can go from graphic design to functioning code automatically!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.1.1. Published September 4, 2019

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