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Quick Debug Variable Set Pages

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Automatically shows selected variables during game testing and debugging. Add this to your game to making debugging faster and easier. You can customize: which variables you show, how many variables, and how many variable set pages (a group of variables you decide are related and should appear together). Watch how variables change over time without having to pause your game. Display is done for you, and can be easily customized for different resolution by adjusting: variables, font size, and view size. Detailed documentation is included in the project in the Notes folder in the resource tree.

Five variable set pages are included already. They are: Room Stats, Player and Game Type, Last Clicked Object Built in Vars, Last Clicked Object User Made Vars, and Room Select List. It's Faster and simpler than debug console, especially when you consistently need to watch certain groups of variables. Variable Set Page 3 and 4 will show variables of any object that you've clicked on last, and you can watch the variables as they change without having to pause. Page 3 shows some built in variables, and Page 4 shows all user created variables. Page 5 allows to select any room that exists at your game start and go there. The screenshots will give you more info on what's included in the Variable Set Pages. Each screenshot image contains 4 screenshots of the project running.

The debug controls allow easy navigation of game projects (next room, previous room, decrease game speed, increase game speed, normal game speed, restart game), and displaying different variables (change: variable set page, border around variables, visibility of Variable Set Pages.) A sample demo is included in the project to demonstrate use of this system. It has sprites, sounds, objects, and scripts you can use.

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published May 31, 2019

The first version.

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