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This is a big project working for mobile platform (GMS 1.4 and GMS 2). This engine will become your best start for your own beating games and making game with beat em up. You just change your sprite and you got the new project. There are many features: + Character has many animation with many state: idle, run, attack and die. + Pick up and drop items. + Many kinds of items: knife, baseball bat, gun, bomb.. + The weather: raining... + Enemies (AI) has many states: Idle, follow, attack and death (with all animations). ++++++ Saving and loading game (this is special: saving all information of character, items and saving your rooms. There are many rooms). + Level, Xp ... (same RPG game) + Gold, gem... + Enemy drop random items (food) + Many enemies: enemies, boss enemies... + Collect items and weapons + Equips all items with the animation of character. + Many rooms (with the big world map for selection room) + The flash screen, including: transition, logo, intro.... + The effect: victory or completion room. + Level selection: lock and unlock + Credit room + buttons menu + Limited ammo for gun. + Random: drop items, damage attacking of enemies + Smart collision between: character and objects, character and enemies, enemies and enemies. => Everything you need/want that its includes in this project. + Working on GMs 1.4 and Gm2 with all platform (mobile, Pc). . Note: all sprites free use in this project so this quality of graphic or image is not good. If you change all sprites, you make it will become better. The file extension package for GMS2 I will update upload because now I can’t upload it, but this extension gmz you can import into GMS 2, it is working well. I tested and run it on GMS2 mobile platform.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published May 6, 2019

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