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Echo-Delay Audio Effect


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Hello! hello hel..

Currently, GMS2 doesn't have native support for processing audio with effects, and while there are workarounds for this, they aren't easy to come by. One of the most famous and used effects is the echo/delay effect (the one that makes a sound repeat itself slowly fading out).

Well, enter this asset. With this code you can have an echo effect extremely easy, optimized and compatible with all platforms!


  • Easy to use. Just put audio_play_sound_echo() and done
  • Complete control. Control the delay time, the number of repeats (infinites? done) and decay time (infinite? too!) You can make it play forever if you want!
  • Code fully commented and easy to understand
  • Fully compatible with any device
  • Optimized
  • Actually fun to use. You can make infinite loops and things like that. Go full musical!

How it works?

How? Instead of writing audio_play_sound() like you normally would, just input audio_play_sound_echo(). You'll have to input 3 extra parameters (delay time, repeats and delay) and you are good to go! It creates another object which plays the echo, so you have full control! The code is fully commented, though, so if you want to experiment with the echo code, you can!

Is the effect compatible with X device?

Yes it is! Is just GML coding and workarounds. No DLLs involved, so it should work without trouble on any platform.

Is this optimized?

See for yourself in the demo! And I also included a faster version of the script (audio_play_sound_echo_fast() if needed, which runs 40% faster)

And those visual effects?

Bad internet connection plus free time. Do what you want with those, but they are kinda nice and fully synchronized with the echoes and the fades!

If you want, you can download a demo here!

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1.0.1: Added a timer set to 0 at the start of the echo to prevent crashes if delay time is very close to 0.

1.0.0: Initial Release.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.1. Published February 27, 2019

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