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Intelligent Ai for Top-Down games, Like a TDS, RTS or RPG.

Added features: - A way search. Now bot searches the shortes way to the target. - Attack cancel. If bot’s target hide behind the wall, he will stop attacking and run to it. If target is running away, and bot almost finished the attack, he will finish it. If he just started the attack, he will cancel it and strart chasing. Rework: -Targeting system. Now there can be a multiple bots and allies. Bots will prioriitize a closest enemy.

Also bot can: 1. Can be range or melee (you can change attack range)

  1. Smart visual detection behind the obstacles and direct view

  2. Obstacles avoidance

  3. In/out of combat stances

  4. Player chase while in view range

  5. Animations like movement, attack, in/out of combat are included

  6. Facing his movement trajectory

  7. Coming back to spawn if went to long away

Bot have:

  1. View range

  2. Attack range

  3. Attack speed

  4. Damage

  5. Movement speed

  6. Bullet speed

  7. Bullet scatter

Player have: 1. Hp/Max_hp

LMB - add a player RMB - add an enemy W/A/S/D - player movement R - restart

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 2.2.4. Published April 28, 2019

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