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Description Artemis is the first character in the series Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Greece. Artemis is very realistic sprite, almost human, she appears in different positions and actions, walks, jumps, runs, attacks, defends and dies. Represented in real left and right direction, not seen in the mirror.

1 human sprites in High Definition. Ready to use for your own projects, like any kind of action and roleplaying games, all in PNG format.

Artemis 1.1 is a package that contains 20 animated sprites and 8 static. • Walking left: Res= 450X650 – Frames = 9 • Walking right: Res=480X650 – Frames = 9 • Run left: Res=600X650 – Frames=9 • Run right: Res=600X650 – Frames=9
• Unsheathed sword to the left: Res=450X650 – Frames=8 • Unsheathed sword to the right: Res=450X650 – Frames=8 • Defends on right: Res=600X700 – Frames=18 • Defends on left: Res=530X680 – Frames=20 • Attack on the left: Res=530X770 – Frames=18 • Attack on the right: Res=550X740 – Frames=18 • Dies to the left : Res=950X800 – Frames=19 • Dies to the right: Res=1200X1250 – Frames=18 Jumps with horizontal move • Jump on two feet left: Res=1238X850 – Frames=22 • Jump on two feet right: Res=1400X850 – Frames=26 • Long jump right: Res=1800X800 – Frames=16 • Long jump left: Res=1800X800 – Frames=16 Jumps without horizontal move • Jump on two feet left: Res=570X850 – Frames=22 • Jump on two feet right: Res=600x850 – Frames=27 • Long jump right: Res=700X800 – Frames=16 • Long jump left: Res=700X800 - Frames=16 And: Front, Back, Left, Right, 45°, 135°, 225° and 315°. You can easily resize all animated HD sprites to fit to your own projects.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 12+


GMS1 - Version 1.1.0. Published January 22, 2019

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