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IMPORTANT: This asset was created for older versions of Game Maker Studio and I cannot give any support anymore or update them anymore. For that reason, all my assets are now free.

Gesture Recognition Engine for both Game Maker: Studio 1 and Game Maker Studio 2 allows you to integrate multistroke gesture recognition technology on your games and apps in only a few minutes


  • Artificial Intelligence:Create games with Gesture Recognition without learning anything about Artificial Intelligence or algorithms!
  • Super easy to implement: only a few lines of code required! The engine will do all the heavy work for you.
  • Edit gestures visually: Add your gestures from game maker paths in a visual way
  • Multi stroke gestures: Support single stroke and multi stroke gestures. Also, recognizes similar figures with different number of strokes.
  • Asynchronous mode for CPU Heavy games Split the recognition process over multiple steps to be able to recognize hundreds of gestures without losing your game framerate.
  • Super fast: Gesture Recognition Engine works amazingly fast. It can recognize hundreds of gestures in seconds.
  • Included demo game: Includes a Magic game where you are a young wizard and must cast spells drawing gestures on the screen to defeat the evil goblins.
  • drawing functions included Draw the template gestures and user recorded gestures on the screen with different colours and customization options.
  • basic buttons engine included: Create basic buttons with a few useful scripts (Also used for all my other assets)
  • Online and offline docs: Super detailed documentation with lot of examples

[ YOUTUBE TRAILER ] Length 1:12

[ DEMO ]

Check the "HTML5 Demo" or "Windows zip demo" on the Gesture Recognition Engine official website:


The full online documentation is here: Also, the engine includes a lot of commented demos


For support about this or any other extension published by me, send me a message on the Gesture Recognition website:

Please do not use the review section for support, since I don't get any notification. Also, remember to leave a nice review. It really helps me a lot.


[ FAQ ]

Q: What is the difference with the other extensions on the marketplace?

This engine supports any number of custom gestures, added by you or by the user. Also, the other extensions only support primitive shapes, while the Gesture Recognition Engine supports ANY shape with any number of strokes. You can draw it in any way and the system will figure it out with a special scoring system. (see below).

Q: How do I recognize a gesture?

First add all the template gestures with ´gr_template_add´. You can use Game Maker Paths, arrays of coordinates, arrays of points, ds_lists of coordinates, or ds_lists of points.

Then, record the user gesture. (The engine provides gr_record_* functions for this task)

Then, recognize the recorded gesture with:

result = gr_record_recognize(record);

The result object has all the data about the recognized figure. For example, the name, the score, and other data. You can use gr_result_get_name, gr_result_get_score.

Also, you can draw the user drawn gesture on the screen with gr_draw_record. Or draw the available templates with gr_draw_gesture

Q: What means that a gesture have a score?

The system will analyze the user recorded gesture (What the player draws on the screen) with your gesture templates and compare it using an cloud point matching algorithm. Then, it will assign one score from 0.00 to 1.00 for each template you provided. If the score is higher, it means that is more feasible that the gesture drawn by the user is similar to that template. Check the demo for a more visual example.

UPDATE The package has been ported to GMS1. Enjoy! If you have troubles purchasing this asset please contact me with the contact form in or via facebook or Twitter

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published February 4, 2019

GMS2 - Version 1.0.2. Published August 27, 2019

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