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Live Business Card

Will Zettler

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Live Business Card v3 (2019 version) is an all new marketing engine geared to help you promote your business, provide a online or offline catalog system to your customers, easy menu food systems, events and show systems, haunted attraction events and so much more! Registered users who buy this pack get e-mail support as needed to get up and running! NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO BUY THE ANDROID GMS2 PACK ADD-ON FOR THIS TO WORK! Thou, it will run in Windows and you will need the Windows add-on to make it work on that platform. We supply only the project.

An advantage of this system is if you own a haunted attraction, pay or free. You will be able to better market your haunted attraction using this system. We built this app just for haunted attraction owners, and if you own your own haunted attraction, once you buy this kit, you now have the power to build your own apps fast and easy! We have already plugged a number of sample apps together using this system to show how easy and good looking it can be! Order your copy now and get started!

Current features include:

* Renamed to add in businesses of all types, not just haunted attractions.
* Now allows forward and back buttons on screen
* Hits last page and forces user to reverse direction
* Background Music of any type, up to 1 hour in size!
* Exit button
* Mute_sound button
* Allows unlimited page panels!

Current pricing we charge our clients but these are rates you could charge per custom app per customer (per app):

$149.99 to $199 base system pricing
$99.99 annual update service fee if you want your app updated for another year (some apps won't need this)

We spent the last two and a half years designing and redesigning this to what you now have from the ground up. We have also tested it with actual clients in several different industries from DJing to haunted attractions to game design, and everyone is saying the same thing... it is easy to use and gives you a great info base on the product or service your selling. We have the biggest hold in the haunted attraction industry with several hundred haunt owners, both pro and home haunt, ordering our product for their very own haunted attraction. We use it in our own haunts as well, creating apps for our two haunted attractions every Halloween season, so we know it works, cause people are downloading our apps!

You can spend hours and weeks banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to do this, or kill some time, and order your own ready made app. All you have to do is figure out how many pages you are going to need, create those pages in a PNG format size of 1280 x 720 and import them, changes the sound and icons used and compile, that is it! How you use it is up to you!

Easy to modify for your own needs! WORKS IN GAME MAKER STUDIO 2!

Want a youtube video or admob banner in your app? Just buy the kit from the marketplace, import and your ready to go! We use it a lot for our marketing businesses to help get others seen. We expect this to help you as well. Depending what you charge for design services to a client, will depend on what you make. We recommend $99.99 price point per app to a client. They supply all the art and sound used in the app, and you put it together. You could have an app up as fast as 2 hours if you have all the supplies and get to understand how the app works. You can make your money back in 2 clients and we have sold to more than that with this system!

Extremely flexible and can be used for ANY business... DJing, Haunted Attractions, Gun Shows, fast food, shoe store, adult entertainment and so much more. Seriously, the list is endless. That is why we are offering the kit to you, so you can make something exciting with it like we did for our clients. Check out the examples and you will see how easy it is to make your own info app in Android! You could even use this for iphone OS, but we have not tested it on that format as of yet.

We supply you with a sample app to check out to see how it works and runs on your android device. Also works on tablets too as well as phones!!!

Here is a sample to an actual product we made for our haunted attraction consulting business. It uses the same engine you see here for sale. Only thing, the version you would buy has no background music due to copyrights on our music. So we removed the sound01 file from the sound folder in the asset here. Outside of that, this is the same version you can take for a test drive!

Tested in real-world situations several times now.

Space Art Volume 1 (Free version)

Space Art Volume 1 Paid Version

If you need more info outside of this, or have dev questions, just write me at my contact email. Thanks for checking us out!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published November 9, 2018

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