GameMaker (2.0 - 2.2.x)

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Creates a log file of errors.

Call log_ini() when you first start the game, this initialises the few variables it needs and creates the log file for the current session. Looking inside log_ini you can see global.show_debug = true. If this is true, the script will also send a show_debug_message() to the console with your error message as well as logging it in the file.

To log an error, simply replace your standard show_debug_message() calls with log("This is the sentence you want logged.")

When you open the log file it will be laid out like this:

Working dir="D:\Sample\Folder"
Build Date="3:54:55 PM"
Runtime Version=""
Current Time="3:55:12 PM"
Current Date="31-10-2018--2153016"
OS="Windows OS"
1="Flood fill failed, restarting game."
0="Flood fill attempted to fill too many times, exiting with -1."

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published October 31, 2018

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