Extension to add rich text in your game. page in forum


  • Many tags: running line, outline, underline, picture, halign, font, shadow, link, wave, shake, rainbow, props, style
  • Three ways of drawing: from simple and slow to fast drawing using surface
  • Several modes of render
  • Customizable
  • Variables: ...${variable_name}...
  • Typewriter

If you want to launch tutorial:

  • Create empty project
  • Import all resources from extension
  • Run project

If you want to import extension to your project:

  • Import group "ATEX" in scripts
  • Write "ATEX_init()" in create event

How to customize ATEXT:

To rename tags: open ATEX_init script and find "ATEX_add_script". Rename names in brackets.

To change the symbols denoting the border of a tag: open ATEX_init script and change variable "global.ATEX_trigger"

To create your own tag: duplicate script "ATEX_tag_TEMPLATE" or "ATEX_effect_TEMPLATE", see how other tags work and based on them write your own

I want to use symbol "<" or ">" in text, but ATEX see them as border of a tag

Just write "/" before symbol. Example: text="0 /< 3", result: "0 < 3"

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 0.8.8. Published October 24, 2019

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