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Ever since get_string() and the like were deprecated I've always been annoyed that there is no relatively simple, single line way of getting user input, sometimes with multiple questions. This script helps to mitigate that. Call create_async_getstring with an array of questions and a script that will be called when the user has finished answering the questions (with the answers as arguments), and optionally a callback for if the user cancels input.

One or more questions with default values can be asked. A typical setup may look like:

var questions = [
        ["Question number one?", "default"],
        ["Another question (two)?", "somedefaultvalue"]

create_async_getstring(questions, callback_done, callback_cancel);

Callback done will be called automatically when the user is finished answering the questions as such:

 callback_done(answer1, answer2)

Comes with a demonstration which can be deleted.

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GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 25, 2018

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