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This is the UI-asset I started working on this year. With this UI-Pack it is possible to create your own interfaces to change configurations, select tiles, write dialogues, and so on. But that’s not all! You could also use the system to create other cool stuff for example drawing/animating software, etc. I tried to make the system as easy as possible to use and I really hope that you can create great games or software with it! Each script contains a short description. You can look up what the script does there but I am also going to update the manual and add more tutorials soon.

NOTE: This version does not work with Game Maker Studio 2!

Demo: Download

Manual: View


  • Draggable and resizable windows and panels.
  • This system supports themes. You can save and load your own themes using .ini-files.
  • There are about 20 different elements you can create.
  • You can close or minimize windows.
  • You can change colours and visibility of each element individually.
  • You can deactivate elements.
  • You can create groups to keep elements organized.
  • Text fields can contain multiline text. You can cut, copy, paste and select text. A right click opens a context menu featuring these options.
  • Simply type in “ui_create” and GMS will show you what elements, windows, etc. can be created.
  • Creating elements is very simple and you can do that quite fast.
  • There are a lot of smooth animations to make the UI more attractive.
  • You can read the manual if you want to know more about the UI-asset.


  • At the moment you can only paste 1 line text into text fields. Pasting multiline text is not possible currently!
  • You can only choose one tile in the tile menu!
  • Changing or destroying elements will clear the whole element surface of a window or panel for a short time. I want to change that in the future.

Important Information:

  • Important: try the demo before buying the asset! If you have any issues please contact me!
  • Caution! Importing this asset to Game Maker Studio 2 does not work properly. I already tried to import it with the import-feature of GMS2 and it makes the asset unusable.
  • The asset uses the GUI Layer and is not limited to the room width or height.
  • The whole asset wasn’t made for absolute beginners. If you want to use it you should know the basics such as how to work with Data Structures, Surfaces, etc.
  • The system was developed for the Windows target platform and does not work with every other target platform (especially not with the HTML5 platform).
  • This system uses surfaces. If you want to use this UI-System, your Computer should have a video card which can handle surfaces (Even if it’s very unlikely that you don’t have such a video card).
  • Never overlap elements! If you let them overlap they do not draw themselves correctly.
  • Making the content width/height greater than the actual width/height of the window will create scrollbars at the borders. Note that this is not very efficient because the UI-System has to use 2 more surfaces (to make the scrolling possible) and this causes more texture swaps.
  • Note that the maximum content height/width of the windows is 8192 because of the size limitations of texture pages
  • If you want to deactivate any instance which is not included in this UI-System (your own objects), you should add it to the ds list "global.inactive_instances" and deactivate it afterwards because it'll reactivate itself otherwise. If you want to activate it again you should delete the instance from the ds list because it'll deactivate itself if you don't do so.
  • I am going to polish a few elements with updates!
  • There will be more tutorials in the future. Especially for those who want to create a directory tree because this is a little bit more complicated.
  • Please note that I am only human and that I probably created a few bugs. Please send me an e-mail if you've found a bug or if you want to provide any suggestions!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published September 4, 2018

  • Added option to turn normal buttons to radiobuttons (if you release the mouse button they won't return to their unclicked state)
  • Fixed bug that appears when using buttons with icons and text
  • Fixed scrollbar bug in tilemenu
  • Fixed a lot of smaller bugs
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