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The LovePunk Dungeon Generator is a highly configurable procedural dungeon generator. Currently we have implemented what we call the Walker Method with 2 more methods to be released: Maze and Quad.

The code has ton of comments to help explain what is happening so you understand why something exists and how it's being used.

The demo shows both TopDown and Isometric generations. The TopDown has 2 types depending on how the tilesheets details (aka if they have corner pieces or not)

Road Map:

  • Generation Methods

    • Maze: Think of your basic maze. This approach is best for designing modular pieces that get placed randomly. Better control of game levels. Example: Diablo 3
    • Quad: This approach is best for buildings. If we look at some level generation, there is a ton of gaps and empty spaces. Buildings don't have huge gaps between walls. Example: Hotline Miami
  • Features

    • Add Enemies to built levels
    • Add Items/Treasures to built levels

We greatly appreciate feedback as well!

The price will increase with every update so get it sooner than later for free updates.

Release 1.0.0: Initial Package

Release 1.0.1: Updates to ensure a particular race condition does not happen with the Walker method. Improvements to clean up when shutting down the demo.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.2. Published August 28, 2018

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