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Data On Grid

Corin Choi

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Data On Grid - CoRin's Pre-Pack

Scripts for Save and Load.

Some Functions are working, Not Completed.


How to Use

  • You can create 'Text File' with [database_create].
  • You can read 'Text File' with [database_read], it convert 'Text File' to 1D Array.
  • This Array called "Data" and you can convert to 'ds_grid' with [database_data_to_grid].
  • This Grid called "Item" and you can convert to 'Array' with [database_grid_to_data].
  • If you provide 4 arguments, you just get 'Array', but you can also provide 5 arguments for this function to export 'Data' to 'Text File'.
  • You can edit items with [database_item_...] functions.
  • This Item is completely same 'ds_grid', so you can also use with [ds_grid_...] functions.
  • Please reading Document at [database_document].


= Making 'Text File' named "gamedata.txt". = database_read("gamedata.txt");
= Converting 'Text File' to 'Array'.

global.grid = database_data_to_grid(;
= Converting 'Array' to 'Item'.

= Adding Value to 'Grid', first one giving -name- to index and second don't. = database_grid_to_data("1.0","/",["1st","2st","3st"],global.grid,"test.txt");
= Exporting 'Grid' to 'Text File' and assigning 'Array' to

More Functions that we need

  • Hmmm...

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.7. Published July 30, 2018

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