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Characteristics example for all type of games, like a RPG RTS FPS and more!

This project include: 1. physical damage 2. physical penetration 3. attack speed 4. physical critical chance 5. physical critical power 6. maximum health 7. health regeneration 8. health regeneration speed

  1. magical damage
  2. magical penetration
  3. cast speed
  4. magical critical chance
  5. magical critical power
  6. cooldown reduction
  7. manacost
  8. maximum mana
  9. manaregeneration
  10. manaregeneration speed

  11. lifesteal

  12. movement speed

  13. accuracy

  14. heal effect

  15. scatter

  16. attack object speed

17 .physical defence 18. magical defence 19. dodge chance 20. block chance 21. blocked damage 22. damage reflection

also project include: two skills such as "magic fireball" and "heal", pop-up text of all type of characteristics and damage. Code is commented and all caracteristics are customisable

Controls: LMB - attack W/A/S/D - player movement 1-fireball 2-heal R - restart the game I- show information and description of characteristics LMB - on characteristic for add 1 point RMB - on characteristics for remove 1 point

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 8, 2018

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