Sidescroller Bruiser

Brent Anderson

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Big, burly men, punching things. Bruisers can perform actions such as walking, punching, uppercutting, wincing, and more! Rendered at high quality for your resizing needs.


bruiser_leg1, 24x30, 1 frame

bruiser_leg2, 55x53, 1 frame

bruiser_V1_air, 163x226, 3 frame

bruiser_V1_arm1, 74x122, 1 frames

bruiser_V1_arm2, 109x102, 1 frame

bruiser_V1_att1, 241x190, 17 frame

bruiser_V1_att2, 188x263, 18 frames

bruiser_V1_body, 91x125, 1 frames

bruiser_V1_cball, 133x150, 1 frame

bruiser_V1_die, 193x247, 8 frame

bruiser_V1_head, 85x90, 1 frame

bruiser_V1_land, 190x192, 4 frame

bruiser_V1_loser, 182x139, 1 frame

bruiser_V1_ouch, 274x223, 4 frame

bruiser_V1_stand, 156x185, 24 frames

bruiser_V1_victory, 207x220, 30 frame

bruiser_V1_walk, 187x186, 12 frame

bruiser_V2_air, 164x225, 3 frame

bruiser_V2_arm1, 74x122, 1 frames

bruiser_V2_arm2, 111x102, 1 frame

bruiser_V2_att1, 241x187, 17 frame

bruiser_V2_att2, 188x264, 18 frames

bruiser_V2_body, 91x125, 1 frames

bruiser_V2_cball, 136x150, 1 frame

bruiser_V2_die, 195x247, 8 frame

bruiser_V2_head, 93x103, 1 frame

bruiser_V2_land, 190x193, 4 frame

bruiser_V2_loser, 186x139, 1 frame

bruiser_V2_ouch, 273x224, 4 frame

bruiser_V2_stand, 159x183, 24 frames

bruiser_V2_victory, 210x220, 30 frame

bruiser_V2_walk, 187x183, 12 frame

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 26, 2014

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