Control Code System


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The Control Code System gives you the power to script cutscenes, dialogue and special FX the way YOU want.


  • Easy-to-use DIY scripting system
  • Execute events sequentially, wait for user input / NPC movement before making another event happen.
  • Supports If statements so dialogue can change when your world does
  • Supports Object-based Switch statements for dynamic dialogue choice boxes
  • Comes with 6 examples including basic dialogue, if statements, choice boxes, split-screen multiplayer and more!
  • HTML5-Compatible!

Fast and Easy

Setting up scripting has never been easier!

  • Simply register your control codes
  • Script an NPC the way you want!
  • Start the process using the NPC scripting and let your custom objects and scripts do the work!

Example of Registering a Control Code (Game Start)

cc_code_register("dialog", CCType.Object, objBasicDialogueBox);

Example of Scripting (NPC Create Event / Room Creation Code)

/// Setup Dialogue Block
block = cc_block_start();
cc_block_add(block, "dialog", "Welcome the basic control code system test!");
cc_block_add(block, "dialog", "As you can see, this system makes it a breeze to make dialogue systems!");

Example of Executing Dialogue Block (Hero to NPC Collision Event)

/// Press 'Space' or 'Z' to talk to 'objNPC'
if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space) || keyboard_check_pressed(ord("Z")))
    // If the Player object is not talking. (ie. Not running a process)
    if (cc_process_find_id_by_self(id) == -1)
        // Creates a process using the OTHER objects 'block' variable
        // ('block' variable holds all the dialogue)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 20, 2014

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