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This easy to use Unity ads extension is for the Android module of Gamemaker: Studio, you must have the Android module installed and Gamemaker Studio version 1x (preferably stable 1.4.1804 because all games released after november 2018 must target android version 26 or later, which earlier 1.x versions including early access don't support) or gms 2x to use it. I consulted with Unity technologies through email and have made this extension with the latest Unity ads sdk to comply with Europe's new GDPR ads regulations and they assured us that this sdk version (as well as any sdk version 2.0 or higher) will be compliant. Please see this link for more info: https://unity3d.com/legal/gdpr Make sure in your global game settings>android tab that minimum sdk is set to 14 or higher. The extension has 4 functions: unityAdsInit(String, String) Call this at game start, the first argument is your game's unity ads id and the 2nd argument is ads test mode true or false, both arguments are to be passed as strings with the 2nd argument not being case sensitive. example: unityAdsInit("12345","False"); unityAdsAvailable() Call this to check if ads are available, returns real: 0=no ad available 1=interstitial video ad available 2=reward video ad available 3=both ad types available. This will depend on how you set your ads up on your Unity dashboard. showAdOfType(real); Call this to show your ad, supply it with a real number: 1=interstitial video (player can skip ad) 2=reward video (player cannot skip ad). adIsPlaying() Call this when you need to check weather an ad is currently playing or not, returns real: 0=ad is not playing 1=ad is playing. This function is for your reference to find out if an ad is playing or not, I have protected against playing more than 1 ad at a time in the extension's java file. Typical example codes for using this extension: create event of first run object in first room of game: unityAdsInit("12345","false"); mouse pressed event: if(adIsPlaying()==0) { if unityAdsAvailable()==1 showAdOfType(1);//if only interstatial ad is available then play it if unityAdsAvailable()==2 showAdOfType(2);//if only rewards video ad is available then play it if unityAdsAvailable()==3 choose(showAdOfType(1),showAdOfType(2));//if either interstitial or reward ad is available then randomly choose which one to play }

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GMS1 - Version 1.2.0. Published May 30, 2018

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