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This asset includes a highly-configurable and customizable console for live debugging at runtime. The console offers the ability to manipulate object instances, but it can also be easily extended by custom-commands.


  1. Toggleable ingame-console
  2. Command-interpreter (with support for command nesting)
  3. Easily expandable through custom commands
  4. Auto-type conversion/checking and support of optional parameters
  5. Out of the box support for instance manipulation (create, destroy, event, properties)

A logger-system, which offers the possibility to distribute log messages to different dedicated loggers, is also part of this package.

  1. Define different loggers for different tasks
  2. Loggers are customizable
  3. Supports four log-levels: TRACE, INFO, WARN and ERROR
  4. Message-Filtering
  5. Supports logging of arrays and all (ds_) datastructures

Snippet: snippet_pp_demo_logging

Documentation: API

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.1.0. Published March 23, 2018

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