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Hello! This is the Base_VN, It has all the basic code and objects you need to create a Visual Novel, or a story driven game, in a fast an easy way.

It's made thinking in the persons that don't have good programming skills so it's very easy to use and configure.

some characteristics:

  • on and off mouse support
  • options and textboxes adapt to the room size
  • easy to track where you are, and where you go
  • typing sounds, low/fast text speed.

  • no need of text objects, sprite objects, mouse objects, button objects... every scene is made using only the main o_control object of the room and the o_scene objects where you write the story!

  • 7 pages documentation

  • In game example included

As easy as creating the scene object and writing the story in it!

You can play the demo here:

Last changes (01-2020)

  • Improved speed of textboxs on screen
  • Now you can add a typing sound easily, (added to the example too!)
  • Added an xoffset variable that you can change if the origin of your sprites is not centered
  • Added a Little more speed when you keep the button pressed, now it goes a bit faster than before.
  • Easier to change romos after all the scenes are played. If you finished all your scenes and want to change room just put the room_name in the next_event variable of your current o_scene object without using quotes, for example if you have a room named room_battle1: next_event=room_battle1

Happy to help all the persons who have questions or issues, just send me a message using the "Contact Publisher" button.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.5.0. Published January 5, 2020

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