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This script makes it super easy to add scrolling / typing text into your game, for storytelling or narrative purposes.

There are two different commands you can run, either scr_text(list_id), or scr_text_ext(x, y, speed, pause_speed, color, font, list_id, halign) Using scr_text() will take whatever list of strings you give it, and draw it right in the center of your view. Using scr_text_ext() will draw the text according to how you input. With this one, you get to choose much more, and can customize all of the variables you see

In order to have these commands work, you first need to set a list of strings to feed the commands. You can do this with the following code: (variable name) = ds_list_create() ds_list_add( (variable_name), "This will be the first string", "This is the second, you can add as many as you want, as long as there is a comma after every string", "Finally, on the last string, don't add a comma." )


A more in depth description of each requiored argument:

    list_id:  This is the name that you gave the list

    x: The x position of the text you want drawn
    y: The y position of the text you want drawn
    speed: The speed that you want the text to draw to
    pause_speed: How long you want the puase to be everytime a comma (",") or a period (".") is drawn
    color: The color of the text you want drawn
    font: The font you want to use for your text
    list_id: The name that you gave the list
    halign: Where you want your text to align to. Your choices are "fa_middle", "fa_left", and "fa_right"

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published February 14, 2018

The first, and main, verison

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