RPG Maker Game Engine w Boss

Dave Martinez

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Note: Switched to new software after Yoyo decided to end marketplace access to GM1 users, I refuse to purchase GMS2 after no loyalty too developers. Asset made in GMS1, Asset did convert to GMS2 for a good while, but recently have had reports that the latest update has issues. GMS2 users may need to modify out incompatibles as GMS2 continues to have software updates.

Welcome to Kingdom Isle, Adventure RPG Game: Graphics for demonstration only. 120 Sold, Thank you! Leave more Reviews please, Thanks again.

*Includes 2 stage boss battle. *Explore the Kingdom, *Find weapons and items,
*Solve puzzles, kill enemies,
*Interact with the world around you.
*Defeat the evil Iron Eye and save the Kingdom!

Weapons include: *Pitchfork *Bombs *Bow *Arrows *Golden Arrow

Items Include: *Wishing Well *10 Total Heart Containers *Blue Key *Green Key *Bronze Key *Iron Eye's Eye *Gold Bar

Enemies: *Shadow Flame Head *Flame Head *Blue Dragon *Rats *World Spikes

Graphics for demonstration only.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 12+


GMS1 - Version 12.0.0. Published February 24, 2018

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