Sidescroller Necromancer

Brent Anderson

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A summoner of specters, a raiser of the rotten! This character can perform actions such as skull swatting, summoning, walking, taking hits, plus more! Rendered at high quality for your resizing needs.


necro_V1_air, 137x228, 3 frame

necro_V1_attack, 173x207, 17 frame

necro_V1_cball, 92x140, 1 frame

necro_V1_die, 220x217, 12 frames

necro_V1_land, 153x205, 4 frame

necro_V1_loser, 100x197, 1 frame

necro_V1_move, 126x213, 12 frames

necro_V1_ouch, 182x218, 4 frames

necro_V1_stand, 116x204, 24 frame

necro_V1_summon, 166x216, 18 frame

necro_V1_victory, 149x208, 24 frame

necro_V2_air, 138x228, 3 frame

necro_V2_attack, 173x207, 17 frame

necro_V2_cball, 92x140, 1 frame

necro_V2_die, 220x217, 12 frames

necro_V2_land, 153x205, 4 frame

necro_V2_loser, 100x197, 1 frame

necro_V2_move, 126x213, 12 frames

necro_V2_ouch, 182x218, 4 frames

necro_V2_stand, 116x204, 24 frame

necro_V2_summon, 166x216, 18 frame

necro_V2_victory, 149x208, 24 frame

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Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published August 31, 2014

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