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Haptic Test Tool For Game Maker Studio 1.4 with Android Module by begalbrew games ©2017

USAGE: 1. Import the resources from the extension package to your project. 2. Right click on the .apk file in the "included files" section and choose "open in explorer". 3. Copy .apk file from your computer to your android device and install. 4. Run the application on a compatible+++ android device and see which haptic effects you want to use in your game or project!

LG Phoenix2 android phone DOES use haptic

NOTES ON GENERAL USE: Press a box to test the GMS numbered haptic effect For continuous effects press 'Stop Effect' to end the effect Use haptic effects in your project with: immersion_play_effect(number) and immersion_stop() Haptic Effects provided for use in GMS by www.immersion.com Official GMS docs here: https://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/002_reference/mouse,%20keyboard%20and%20other%20controls/immersion%20haptics/index.html

The app displays the number and text description of the selected effect for a couple of seconds each time one is pressed. Without making the buttons tiny, having room for a running list of previously used effects proved difficult.

NOTES ABOUT LOG FILES: The app does save a timestamped log file for each session that saves detailed information on every haptic you test, and when a continuous effect is stopped. There is a user setting on the instructions screen that turns the log function on and off. However, due to the sandboxed nature of GMS you can only access these on your android device if you have root access (aka "rooted") It is highly recommended that if you are not able to access the logs, you turn this feature off to save storage space!!! The apps .ini file will save this setting so you do not have to switch it off on every use!

SUGGESTED LOG USE: When you find an effect you like, press it a few times in a row so when you look at the log you can see which ones you liked ;) For continuous effects use the stop button between them, the log will show it was stopped and you will know that effect must be stopped in your games code also!

!!Thank you to all supporters!! This app was made due to the seeming unavailability of the app mentioned on the official document page. Though immersion does offer a test tool for their haptics it becomes a chore to navigate the layout and the number codes must be read from a tiny line of code shown by each effect when played, good app just not all that great for GMS use.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions for a better setup or additions, please feel free to leave it in the reviews or contact me. Please keep in mind the purpose of this app is not to be pretty or have a ton of widgets, it is meant to be a very simple test tool that is low memory and should work well on all devices.

kindest regards, begalbrew

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published November 23, 2017

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