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This library aims to add missing features from the standard GameMaker 1.4 library.

There are currently over 40 scripts (eg. array_sort, array_slice, string_join, array_split) for general purpose usage!

Check the full reference here: https://github.com/vladdeSV/gm_extensions/blob/master/REFERENCE.md

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


Version 1.2.0. Published December 26, 2017

  • string_*(...) functions now assume first character index is at 1.
  • log(...), no long comma-separates arguments.
  • _unittests.gml, updated accordingly to other changes in this release.
  • Renamed real_within_exlusive(...) -> real_within_exclusive(...) (typo).
  • Optimized array_swap_item(...) if index1 and index2 are the same.
  • Ensured array_height(array) checking if argument array is array.
  • Add unittests for ds_list_swap_item(...).
  • extractor.d complains if non-misc function do not have unittests.
  • assert(...) optional argument properly documented.
  • array_append(...), removed incorrect documentation.
  • Amount of scripts in the README.md.
  • Added Marketplace link in README.md.
  • array_filter(array, script), returns array of items, where the items passed through the script returns true (if script(array[n]) == true).
  • array_2d_of(...), possibility to create 2D array. All aguments must be of type array (1D).
  • Unittests for all non-misc functions.
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