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Looking for animated 3D? Check this out: MaddeModelKit

v1.1.1 Renames the export script and adds a script for Blender 2.8

Recent Update v1.1.0 adds Tangent and Bitangent support to the export! vertex_create_format_simple treats them as vec3 texcoords by default

This is a super neat script set for exporting 3D meshes from Blender and Importing them into GameMaker Studio (compatible with both 1.X and 2.X)

There is a readme and a Python script in the included files - install the Python script into Blender to add the export to Blender - the files exported will be ".dat", but you can change this if you like. More specific details are in the included readme.

The asset also includes 2 GML scripts:

  • model_load, which is used to import the you models export with Blender - Note that this function may not work in HTML5 - try using "buffer_load_async" and then use "vertex_create_buffer_from_buffer" on the result instead

  • vertex_format_create_simple, which acts as a convenience function for creating vertex formats compatible with the exported models, as they maintain attribute order.

This specific asset will always be free

Supports 3D position, Normals, Colour, and Texture coordinates.

Check out my starter guide if you're interested in getting into 3D with GameMaker

The images shown are showing the model from Blender into GameMaker, however, I do apply a basic diffuse shader on the GameMaker side, so just note that your meshes won't immediately be shaded.

Too Many Birds!™ screenshot included as the asset performs flawlessly on the Android platform

Free for use on commercial and personal projects. Just please don't redistribute the source - link people here if you want to share so I can provide proper support!

NOTE: Blender plugin script tested with Blender 2.78 I cannot guarantee that it works with other versions, as I haven't tested with them.

(I wish this asset had a better name but marketplace restrictions are killing me)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published September 10, 2017

-initial release-

GMS2 - Version 1.1.2. Published August 12, 2019

Woops. Forgot to disable the inclusion of the included files in builds, since that isn't necessary

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